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10 Choices For A Creatine Free Pre Workout

November, 2016 • By

Creatine, one of the most used supplements in the exercise industry, and for good reason. Creatine helps increase the production of ATP, the body’s energy source for rapid muscle movements during something like weight lifting or any other strenuous exercise. So increasing the amount of ATP produced can increase the amount of weight you lift. Simple right? In studies it has also shown to increase the amount of muscle growth. So why would anyone want a creatine free pre workout?

 Well there are a few reasons. One of them is creatine may cause you to gain weight. While most of this will be water weight there are some people who may not want to put on those extra pounds. Creatine may be stressful on the kidneys, more so if you do not get enough water during the day. Then there are multiple health conditions where your doctor may advise to avoid creatine supplementation. For some people they may simply not be looking for creatine and only want a dose of caffeine and other workout enhancing ingredients. Whatever the case, here is a list of some of the best creatine free pre workout available in no particular order.READ MORE

Pre Workout, Supplements

White Rapids Pre Workout Review. Is It Worth Your Money?

October, 2016 • By

Welcome all to another installment of my journey to find quality pre workouts through personal testing. On this edition I will be using White Rapids Pre Workout by Controlled Labs. You may remember it by its old name, White Flood Pre Workout. Since then they have changed the formula, got rid of any proprietary blends, and hence changed the name. If you are not familiar with Controlled Labs they are a pretty reputable brand in the bodybuilding niche, providing solid supplements with in this case an open label as to what they put in it. Let’s see if it worked well for me.


Pre Workout, Supplements

Will Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre Light Your Pants On Fire?

September, 2016 • By

Welcome all to another pre-workout review. This time we will be looking at Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre. Once again we have a pre-workout with some solid reviews off Amazon but average reviews on other supplement sites. On a professional laboratory review site like labdoor it received an A for quality, which placed it 2nd overall in that category. So here we are again with mixed reviews of a pre-workout. Let’s see how this one turns out!READ MORE