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8 Tips For Choosing The Best Whey Protein For You

January, 2017 • By

Picking The Best Whey Protein

On average, a person with a moderate lifestyle does not need a very high protein diet. However, in cases such as injury recovery or increased physical activity such as starting a new exercise program, we might need an extra boost of protein in our diet. Whey protein is one of the most popular choices.READ MORE


10 Ways to Prevent Shin Splints

September, 2016 • By

So this is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart (or in this case legs), shin splints. As far as I can remember I have always had a problem with them. Whenever I start up running everything is fine for a couple weeks or so…and then it starts. The aches in the legs build up and I have to limit myself so the pain doesn’t get too intense. Now I use a few products and do some exercises to help prevent shin splints or to make them manageable. Here are some products you can buy to help prevent and treat shin splints, and exercises/stretches to do the same. Hopefully this list can help you manage your own shin splint problems and get you back running full time again.READ MORE


9 Essential Items for Starting a Cheap Home Gym

September, 2016 • By

One of the worst things in life is waiting for gym equipment to open. Nothing can take you more out of the zone than having to wait for someone to finish their 50th set of curling the bar when you just want to squat. If you are fed up and want to try to start doing workouts at home, or maybe you just hate people, here are a few essential items to starting your own cheap home gym.READ MORE