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USPLabs MaxREPS Review

December, 2016 • By

Is USPLabs MaxREPS A Solid Pre Workout?

Hello once again to another pre workout review article! This time I will be reviewing a pre workout without any caffeine in it. But can a pre workout that has no caffeine in it still be effective? Well this one may surprise you. USPLabs makes a pre wokout called MaxReps that has no caffeine but still has a ton of the other ingredients that make pre workouts so much fun. Things like increased endurance, a nice pump, and mental focus are other huge factors in deciding in a pre workout. Will MaxREPS fill these factors? Read below and find out!READ MORE

Pre Workout, Supplements

7 Solid Choices for a Caffeine Free Pre Workout

September, 2016 • By

Believe it or not there are people who do not like caffeine, even in their pre workout. Hard to believe, I know. Joking aside, some people simply do not like the feeling caffeine gives them, or they may have a medical reason to why they won’t take it. Either way, there are a line of pre workouts which cater to this market by providing supplements with no caffeine. Of course they are subject to having bad products out there just like regular pre workouts. This is a list of 7 caffeine free pre workout for our friends who don’t want caffeine in their pre workout but still don’t want to be ripped off with a something that doesn’t work. READ MORE