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The Best Swimming Pool Exercise Equipment

November, 2016 • By

Do you suffer from joint pain and are looking for a way to exercise that is easy on the joints? How about if you live in an area where the climate is warm and doing cardio outside is just impossible to do? Or maybe you just like being in the pool? Well if you answered yes to any of these then you may want to look into getting some swimming pool exercise equipment.

Exercising in the pool is easy on the joints due to the buoyancy making you lighter, keeping any impacts at a minimum amount of force. The cool water may also help ease pain on inflamed joints. It also has some other noted benefits such as improving your lung efficiency, improving mental health, and targeting muscle groups you wouldn’t otherwise hit during traditional cardio like running. Also, if it’s too hot out you can still push yourself cardio-wise in the cool water. Whatever your reason, here is a list of some of the best swimming pool exercise equipment you can buy.

Our Picks For The Best Swimming Pool Exercise Equipment:

1. Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells ~$23

First up on the list is a pair of Speedo Aqua Fitness Barbells, although I would personally call them dumbbells myself. Each purchase comes with a pair of grey/charcoal red colored barbells made out of an EVA foam measuring 10.5 inches in length and 6 inches wide. Although these barbells only weigh one pound and five ounces each, it’s the large foam that will help you in the water. Because it wants to float, holding these under the water will be quite the resistance for your muscles to struggle against. The large proportions also create quite a bit of water resistance.

With over 500 reviews on Amazon they have an average rating of 4.5/5 stars, a really great reception. All the people who use them for exercising in the pool say they provide quite the resistance, with one customer saying it feels like around 25 lbs of resistance. People also say they make good floaties if you want to use them for other exercises or just for fun. They only complaint is some customers said their’s fell apart quickly and took quite a bit of time to dry out. However, the majority of reviews were positive.

For some basic swimming pool exercise equipment these are perfect.

2. Water Fan Paddles ~$15

Now for some swimming pool exercise equipment that works mainly off water resistance we have some Water Fan Paddles by Water Gear. Each purchase comes with two water fan paddles. These plastic fans only weigh one pound but their weight does not matter, it’s the adjustable discs on the end. You move these in the water and the discs provide resistance. You can adjust the openings on the ends to provide a harder or easier workout. These are mainly used to build upper body strength.

So with over 300 reviews right now on Amazon they have an average score of 4.4/5 stars, a really nice rating. All of the positive reviews pretty much say the same thing: these paddles provide a good resistance to create a calorie burning, low impact workout. Some of the customers even say they like them more than the foam barbells. One minor complaint though is the color. These do sink and the light blue color is kinda makes them hard to spot if you do drop them.

These paddles make some great swimming pool exercise equipment if you like resistance workouts.

3. Aquatic Resistance Swim Belt ~$17

 If swimming is your thing and you don’t have a nearby Olympic pool to workout in than you may want to look into an Aquatic Resistance Swim Belt. These work by simply tying one end to a sturdy object and putting the other end, a waist belt, around you. This allows you to swim in place, letting you swim for however long you want no matter the length of the pool and having to worry about hitting the other end. The belt is easily adjustable, made of high quality materials, and drys quickly. This would be a great way to improve your cardio in the heat.

With over 100 reviews right now on Amazon it has an average score of 4.4/5, pretty good. Many of the customers say it works really well in their personal pools. One says that living in Arizona doing cardio is the summer is almost impossible with the heat, and with this he can get a great workout in his pool. Another says he can swim for 30 minutes with this without having to worry about doing and turns. One minor complaint is the size of the belt. One customer said he fit into it with a 38 inch waist size but doubts anyone with a 40 inch waist or larger will get it to fit.

This swim belt is a great piece of swimming pool exercise equipment if you have a personal pool.

4. TheraBand Instructional Swim Bar ~$22

Next up is a product similar to the barbells in the beginning of the article, the TheraBand Instructional Swim Bar. Simply put, it is a bar with two pieces of high density buoyant foam at either end. Buoyancy based swim training is great for all ages and is of course great for people who can’t do high impact workouts. The TheraBand Swim Bar can be used for strengthening the trunk and lower back, increasing flexibility in the lower back, and strengthening the abdominals, or just about any other workout you can conceive in the water.

So it only has 12 reviews right now but the average rating is 4.6/5, so you know the reviews so far at least are good. Just about every review is positive with the customers loving the resistance it provides and some saying their children love using it for a good workout. Some also like to use it like a paddle board. The most negative review was a 3/5 star one where the reviewer said it came with some scratches on it, but no other review mentioned this.

The ThereBand Swim Bar is another great piece of swimming pool exercise equipment for all ages.

5. Speedo Aqua Fit Swim Training Gloves ~$16

For something a little different on the list we have the Speedo Aqua Fit Swim Training Gloves. These also work on the principle of water resistance training like some of the other products above but with a twist, instead of holding an external object, you put these gloves on and swim with them on. Although you may look like some kind of frog-person with them on, you’ll have the last laugh as the added resistance also provides propulsion and you cruise by people with ease.

These gloves have over a whopping 1000 reviews on Amazon and have a great average of 4.3/5 stars. A lot of the customers say they feel great to wear and the neoprene is soft on the hands. Many also say the gloves give them a nice boost during pool exercises and help with arthritic hands hold pool wands. Another says they really train your muscles during swimming and will lead to more powerful strokes. If you do order then they say they run a bit large so order a size down!

This is a great tool for swimming pool exercise equipment to help improve stroke power and maybe help with arthritis.

6. AquaJogger Exercise Buoyancy Belt ~$33

Now we have a piece of swimming pool exercise equipment that is strictly for staying afloat, the Exercise Buoyancy Belt by AquaJogger. So basically it as a highly buoyant piece of foam that you secure around your waist to help keep you afloat. The belt itself will fit to around a waist size of 40 inches. It can be used to help keep people safe on the deep end of the pool or to provide some more resistance while swimming laps. When swimming vertically it also works the abdominals as you must work continuously to maintain correct posture.

With over 200 reviews on Amazon it has an average rating of 4.3/5 stars. so people really seem to be liking it. Many of the reviewers were people who would of had trouble being in the deep end of the pool due to various injuries. All of them said this belt really helped keep them afloat and allowed them to do their exercises in the deep end without the fear of sinking. Others like to wear it when they swim to create extra drag, making their workout more intense.

Keep this belt in mind if you have an injury and must stay on the shallow end of the pool.

7. Speedo Team Kickboard ~$15

Next we have a similar product in that it is used to keep you afloat, the Speedo Team Kickboard. This kickboard is made of a lightweight textured EVA foam. There are side finger scallops so you know where to put your hands and there are underside finger grooves for a no slip grip. This kickboard is ideal for kicking drills so you can strengthen your legs and not have to worry about arm work. It can also be used as resistance in vertical swimming exercises.

So with over 60 reviews it has an average rating of 4.5/5, a pretty good score. Many customers say it is a really great kickboard, usable to help develop your kicking power during a freestyle stroke, butterfly stroke, and breast stroke. Customers also like it because it is a sturdy board compared to the other soft kickboards out there. They are also saying their kids really like to use it as well.

If you need a kickboard for a piece of swimming pool exercise equipment then this would be the best one to get!

8. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggles ~$11

Now we have a pretty essential piece for swimming pool exercise equipment, a pair of pool goggles. The Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Goggles are a pair of top selling performance and training goggles that provide a sleek, snug, and low profile inner eye fit. An anti fog technology prevents water condensation. It also comes with four different nose pieces so you can find the one that fits best. The lenses are also UV protected to keep out the sun’s harmful rays and mirrored to prevent glare.

So with over a whopping 1600 reviews on Amazon these goggles have an average rating of 4.1/5, a pretty solid score. Many customers really like these swimming goggles. They say they keep out water really well, the anti condensation lenses work great, and they are really easy to adjust. However, there a some complaints with how dark they are. If you are not swimming in a well lit pool area then you may have trouble seeing out of these goggles. One customer said he could barely see anything when he put these on at a pool that was not lit very well.

If you are a recreational swimmer then I think these would be a great pair of beginner goggles.

9. OUSPOTS Barefoot Water Skin Shoes ~$10

Now if you want to protect your feet at the pool from the rough surfaces then you may want to invest in a pair of pool shoes for swimming pool exercise equipment. The Barefoot Water Skin Shoes by OUSPOTS  are made of 92 % polyester and 8% spandex, so they will be stretchy and comfortable. They also have a non slip rubber sole so you don’t have to worry about tripping around the pool. Outside of the water they are super breathable and dry quickly. They are a great choice for the swimming pool, the beach, surfing, yoga, or just about anywhere you want a comfy slip on shoe.

While these only have about 20 reviews on Amazon they have an average score of 4.6/5, which is pretty good. The vast majority of reviews love these shoes, saying how well they feel and provide pretty good protection. Many customers like to use them just about everywhere. Some wear them camping, hiking, or even running. One customer says they even protect his feet from rocks when he is walking across river banks. The only real negative review cam from someone who did not like the sizing but had no issues with the quality of the shoes. However, no one else really complained about the sizing.

If you need a pair of water shoes to protect you feet then you should check these out!

10. StretchCordz Pool Aqua Band ~$25

Next we have a stretchy band which is made to be used in the water, the StretchCordz Pool Aqua Band. This aqua band was developed by Ann Anthony, who is a certified aqua trainer and the inventor of Hydro-Pilates. So basically this product is a piece of exercise tubing with a cuff at the end you attach to your leg. You then pull on the cord and move your leg in various ways to stretch and strengthen your muscles. It has applications in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation. You can obviously use this out of the pool as well.

So there are no current reviews on this product but it would be hard to think it would be reviewed negatively if all it consists of is a piece of exercise tubing and a cuff. So if you need a piece of swimming pool exercise equipment for pool Pilates or anything like that, this may be for you.

11. Aqua Fitness Exercise Set by Aqua Leisure ~$26

Last on the list we have an all encompassing set of swimming pool exercise equipment, the Aqua Fitness Exercise Set by Aqua Leisure. This set comes with a flotation belt, two foam dumbbells, two webbed gloves, and a workout guide. This is a great set to get if you are looking to go “all in” on using the pool as your main source of exercise.

With over 300 reviews right now on Amazon it has an average rating of 3.8/5, not a bad score to have. A few of the reviewers bought this set because of their current health conditions. Some of them are rehabbing an injury and others are elderly and want to workout in the pool because of the low impact exercise you can do. Overall they were happy with the product, saying it does exactly what you expect of them to do. The only complaint that does seem to keep coming up is they say the flotation belt does ride up a bit when you are using it, but other customers say this usually happens to all flotation belts.

If you want an all in one set of exercise equipment to use in the pool, be sure to give this a look!


So that’s what I think are some of the best swimming pool exercise equipment products you can buy. If you can, exercising in the pool is great. The low impact exercises and cool water are great for your joints and can be really helpful for rehabbing an injury or nurturing arthritis. Not to mention if you live in a hot climate a pool may be the best option for doing any cardio work. If you want to look at other options for low impact exercise equipment check out my other article here for doing cardio without using your legs.

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