Exercise Equipment For Seniors

January, 2017 • By

Are you a senior and are looking to get into the world of fitness? Well seniors face many hurdles trying to get into shape. Many are more prone to injuries than younger people and others suffer from some form of joint pain. The exercise equipment for seniors in this article are tailored for the older population, but can also be used by anyone who suffers from joint pain and wants to do some low impact exercises.


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USPLabs MaxREPS Review

December, 2016 • By

Is USPLabs MaxREPS A Solid Pre Workout?

Hello once again to another pre workout review article! This time I will be reviewing a pre workout without any caffeine in it. But can a pre workout that has no caffeine in it still be effective? Well this one may surprise you. USPLabs makes a pre wokout called MaxReps that has no caffeine but still has a ton of the other ingredients that make pre workouts so much fun. Things like increased endurance, a nice pump, and mental focus are other huge factors in deciding in a pre workout. Will MaxREPS fill these factors? Read below and find out!READ MORE

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Make Your Own Homemade Pre Workout

December, 2016 • By

What’s all the fuss about homemade pre workout supplements?

Are you looking to maximize your gym workout? Do you feel drained and sluggish even before hitting that first round of weights? Pre workouts are a great starting point. When some people feel like they need that extra boost of energy right before they work out, they sometimes take a swig of coffee to increase alertness and focus levels due to the natural caffeine content. But if you have, over time, built a high tolerance to caffeine, this just isn’t enough to sustain any energy boosting effect.

Pre workout supplements are dietary supplements enriched with caffeine, vitamins, minerals and various amino acids all designed to work together in synergy to provide you with a substantial increase in energy.

However, there’s a downside… With all the pre workout supplements currently in the market with ingredient names that sound like they were borrowed from a book of spells, it can feel like your drowning. All you asked for was for lasting energy during our workouts and instead, you get an advanced lesson in Organic Chemistry and extreme marketing language! Here’s the solution, Make Your Own Homemade Pre workout!READ MORE