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12 Great Pairs of Men’s Workout Gloves

May, 2018 • By

There are a few annoying things about lifting heavy weights. One of them is developing callouses on the palms of your hands. These little devils can become rather painful if left untreated. Some people may also hate the feel of them on their hands and want to have softer hands. Another is not having enough grip to hold onto the bar. It can be frustrating if you are wanting to deadlift heavy but by the second rep you feel the bar slipping from your fingers. Then by the third rep you have to let go, readjust your hands, and begin again. Both of these problems can be mitigated by one thing, workout gloves. Men’s workout gloves come in many different styles, by the end of this article I hope to go over all the different kinds of men’s workout gloves that you can wear to the gym to help you get a more complete workout.


1. GymPaws Gym Grips ~$20


First on the list is something a little different. These aren’t quite workout gloves, but something like palm grips. There are four loops on the back for your fingers and a nice pad on the front which provides protection from wear on your hands and gives more grip. They are machine washable and dryer safe. The military-grade hydrophobic (water resistant) Neoprene wicks away sweat. enhancing your grip and increasing confidence with heavier weights. Double and triple stitching is used to reinforce key pressure points to ensure your grips won’t give out. They say they are also precision-crafted with top-grain Genuine Cowhide Leather, the most durable material for the toughest workouts.

If you are unfamiliar with GymPaws, here is what they have to say about themselves:

“Everyday, thousands of gymrats worldwide slip on a pair of GymPaws Original Leather Workout Grips to power through their weightlifting and workout routines. For men and women, weekend warriors to well trained athletes including:

  • Professional and Amateur Athletes
  • Men and Women of the U.S. Military Services
  • Coaches and Certified Personal Trainers
  • Weightlifting, Crossfit, and Bodybuilding enthusiasts

GymPaws are the gym glove alternative for so many, because they are designed by a team of Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, and Fitness Professionals. We design products for PERFORMANCE over profit.  “

With over 1000 reviews on Amazon is has an average review of 4.2 stars out of 5, a pretty solid score. Amazon user E. Ramos said this in a 5 star review: ” work out at Orangetheory Fitness and we do weights and rowing every day. My hands were getting really calloused from the rowing and the callouses were getting painful when I would row and affecting my performance. I really didn’t want to have to wear gloves while running – sometimes we do one minute intervals and there’s no time to take them off. Ordered on March 2, received on March 6 and tried them out today and LOVE them. Super quick to put on and off, more cushion than I was expecting and my hands felt great. I wasn’t necessarily planning to use them for weights but they felt good and my hands ended up a lot less sweaty. Even offered a little padding for pushups! Getting a pair for my sister too.”

If you are looking for something unique for a men’s workout glove, I would definitely suggest this.


2. Trideer Men’s Workout Gloves ~$13


Next up we have a pair of men’s workout gloves by Trideer, one of the most popular pairs of exercise gloves out there. They are made to be all purpose, so you can use them for weight lifting, general exercise, or anything else that stresses your hands. The silica gel palm grip is made to provide a comfortable grip and protect your wrist. They also have a velcro strap for easy adjustable straps. The microfiber is also made to be lightweight and breathable. If you don’t like them, Trideer offers a 30-day no hassle return and a 12-month warranty. They are also surprisingly cheap for such a well reviewed pair of workout gloves. For $13 you really can get a bargain for a quality pair of men’s workout gloves.

This is what Trideer has to say about their men’s workout gloves: “The Trideer Gloves is dedicated to helping every workout and sport enthusiast keep-fit in terms of strength and endurance. It helps to strengthen your core muscles and relieves stress during workouts. Our gloves are helpful in minimizing the risk of getting accidental injuries thus turning your workouts sessions into a comfortable and enjoyable time.”

So with over 500 current reviews on Amazon they currently have an average score of 4.2 out of 5 stars, a pretty good rating. Many of the reviewers who praise the glove love the fit. THis is what one reviewer, Meagan Evans, said in a 5 star review: “This has to be the kindest company ever. I feel bad for leaving this review: I followed the guidelines for ordering for my size and they were still too big. I am a female. Every time I try to do pull-ups or use weights, it pinches in my fingers and palm. Afterward, they replaced my gloves with two pairs and issued a refund. I’d like to at least pay for one but I have no idea how to contact them. Usually there’s a contact seller button but I don’t see it anywhere. Anyway, the replacements are a size smaller and fit perfectly. They were great and have an excellent grip. I’m overwhelmed with the generosity here.”

So as you can tell from the reviews that this is a well liked glove. There were a few reviewers however who said they did not like the thickness of the padding on the wrist. Some said there were a few problems with being able to wrap their hands completely around the barbell with the thick padding. These complaints however seem to be few and far between. With a price at $13 however you can’t really go wrong.

If you are looking for a good pair of conventional lifting gloves I would check these ones out. They are nice priced and are well reviewed.


3. BEACE Weight Lifting Gloves ~$12


Next up we have a pair of men’s and women’s workout gloves by BEACE. They describe them as durable with a double layered thumb and double stitched thumb and double stitched palm. The back of the glove is made from excellent mesh material. It is breathable that prevent the accumulation of heat. In addition, this mesh material have great elasticity that you fingers can get better flexibility during gym, exercise. The palm of the glove is divided into two parts. The one is foam cushions palm, and the other one is real leather palm. They can protection your hand and firm grip the Fitness equipment. It won’t make you feel uncomfortable during gym. The freely adjustable wrist velcro closure providing flexibility for the best fit according to your wrist size. There is also a specially designed terry cloth on the back of thumb to wipe your face from any sweat. They also promise a 100% refund if you are not happy with the gloves.

If you are unfamiliar with BEACE this is what they say about themselves: “The BEACE Gym Gloves provide the most professional protection for your hand, and our gloves reduce the risk of injury and keep your hands healthy, allowing every fitness enthusiast to stay focused during exercise and make your workout more enjoyable. Do you want to keep your hand healthy while strengthening your core muscles? If you want, please choose BEACE Gym Gloves. It is the best gift for you or your friend or your family!”

With over 100 reviews right now it has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, not a bad score at all. Many buyers like the way the gloves fit. Amazon user Woody had this to say in his 5-star review:

“I am a regular user of weightlifting gloves and have been running through 3-4 pair a year. Always have the same problems:
1) they “bleed” onto my hands-a whine I know, but when you go back to the office with the stains all over your hands that wouldn’t come off in scalding water and Soviet-chemical-level gym soap, your “gainz” won’t divert attention from the nasty on your hands (AND/OR they bleed onto your clothes, towel, or face when you put your hands on your legs or wipe your face, neck, etc.)
2) first rip between thumb and forefinger comes in the first week or so of use
3) too padded or too thin, too stiff or too much flex, too “wow look at my gloves” in design or color
4) “stink” sets in early on, and even with washing, never really goes away
THESE PUPPIES DON’T DO ANY OF THAT!!!! Had them for a couple of weeks now, ten sweaty sessions with heavy-ish weights, and no signs of any of the problems that plague other gloves. Granted, I haven’t washed them yet, but it’s because I haven’t needed to, even when they have been soaked with leg-day-induced refloat-the-Ark-level sweat. Even after they accidentally got left zipped up in my gym bag with musty wet towels, they came out, dried out, and did not smell like a public toilet. I *think* it’s because the inside of these is not the leather on the grip as the last 3 pairs I bought were, but a breathable fabric. Measure your hand, pay attention to the size chart, and you’ll be happy!”

If you are looking for an even cheaper pair of lifting gloves then I would look into getting a pair of these puppies.


4. Harbinger Non-Wristwrap Lifting Gloves ~$17


Now next up for more men’s workout gloves we have a pair made by Harbinger. They are made with StretchBack performance mesh on back of hand and between fingers to increase flexibility. They are also made with a leather palm in order to protect your palm and increase your grip. Padded open cell foam protects your fingers and a fully adjustable wrist closure lets you adjust them to your liking.

This is what Harbinger has to say about themselves and their gloves: “Harbinger has expanded into weight lifting accessories, including wraps, straps and speed ropes. With proprietary technology and advanced design, Harbinger drives the category and continues to deliver new, innovative products. The Harbinger Power StretchBack Glove is a great, economical performance glove. This glove features StretchBack Lycra that extends along the back of the hand and in between the fingers, increasing flexibility, comfort, and fit while improving breathability. A reinforced thumb, double-leather palm, and fingers backed with foam protect hands from training abrasion. Harbinger’s Power StretchBack Glove sports an adjustable wrist closure for a snug fit, and the short finger length gives you a natural feel and increased contact with the lifting surface.”

So, with over 1900 reviews on Amazon this men’s workout glove has an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars, an okay score. You know more people are liking them than hating them, but there are quite a few people giving “meh” to “poor” ratings. This is what buyer Travis Richey has to say in his 3 star review:

“Ok, well, I don’t normally like writing bad reviews, but I’ve been using Harbinger gloves for my workouts for nearly 10 years now, and this new design is a major step backwards.
First, the design of the velcro straps, while cooler-looking, is less comfortable and more difficult to use than the old style where each side was the same and they fit together naturally. This new style, you have to pull one side over to the other, and it feels like it pinches a little if you’re pulling it tight enough to be secure.
Second, and MOST annoying, is the amount of black dye they use in the leather! Every time I work out I rinse out the sweat from the gloves, and the water comes out black. MONTHS after I bought them, they still stain my hands with black. This has actually been a problem with these Harbinger gloves since the beginning, but I feel like this new style is even worse! I soaked them in my sink with some laundry detergent for a couple hours to try and get the excess dye out, and when I came back to the sink the water was black, and even after that, they still stain my hands when I work out! So annoying. If anyone has suggestions of gloves that don’t do this, I’m all ears.”

This pair of gloves may be a good choice, I’d say to wait until maybe a price drop if you are a cautious buyer.


5. Fit Active Open Workout Glove ~$20


Now next up we have a more unique design by Fit Active where the back of the hand is left open for more ventilation. Here are the features of the men;s workout glove, this lifting glove covers the entire palm and the thumb of your hand is also protected. Made of silicon printed neoprene, a high quality material which is resistant to water, dangerous chemicals, oils, heat and aging making for a long last durable pair of gloves. Built in wrist straps provide excellent wrist support for performing cross training and Olympic lifts like snatches, clean and jerks, front squats, and other lifts requiring wrist protection. The wrist wraps are tightened and loosened with Velcro, providing the user the ability to adjust to their personal comfort. The well thought out open hand design also provides for extreme comfort, giving your hands the ability to breath while doing intense workouts. They also promise a full refund if you are not happy with your gloves.

This is what Fit Active has to say about their products:

Beginners, experienced, Inexperienced, athletes, and competitors, men & women, all experience the benefits of our gym gloves.  Whether you’re just starting in your fitness or are a professional athlete training for the upcoming season, these are for you. Unique Palm Design – Discover a way to perform Olympic Lifts without using massive amounts of tape. Not only do they protect the entire hand, but also every finger and thumb from rips and tears. Protect your hands and wrists and solely focus on your workouts enabling fast recovery and fitness improvement. Hit your gym and fitness goals and with less sweat, more comfort, and with amazing workout gloves.”

 So with nearly 1000 reviews on Amazon they have an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, a really good score. Many reivewers say the gloves are comftorable, and the grips work well. One Amazon buyer, Peter Venetoklis says this in a 5 star review: “Exactly what I needed. The palms are just the right thickness. They protect but aren’t so bulky as to substantially change my grip. The open design means a lot less sweating. I use them for many of my pulling lifts (e.g pull-ups, rows, pull-downs) and for movements where a bar might tend to rotate and abrade my skin (e.g. wrist and dumbbell curls). I normally wear Large gloves, but ordered Medium based on some of the reviews. The Mediums could be considered a bit small for my hands, and they don’t allow me to freely flatten my hands fully, but given that I’m using them for gripping barbells, dumbbells and cable handles, the natural “curl” works to my advantage.
Time will tell as to durability, but for now I’m quite satisfied with this purchase.”

If you want a pair of workout gloves that provide maximum ventilation, then I would look into these ones.


6. Evo 2 Lifting Gloves ~$25


Now we have one of the more poplar and well rated men’s workout gloves on Amazon, the Evo 2 by Skott. The features of the glove are as follows: The Skott Evo 2 is designed with the new snug and comfortable 3-Dimentional unisex fit system, to make sure that the gloves fit both men and women. These gloves are also made with industrial grade velcro and wrist straps to provide a snug and safe fit. Gel printed palms  provide a no slip grip. The palms are also backed witha high density foam to help protect them.

Here is what Scott has to say about their gloves and themselves:  “he Evo 2 series by Skott is designed to help both professional and novice weightlifters achieve the best possible result and special attention was given to the assembly to ensure the best possible durability and comfort. All Skott Fitness International products represent years of continuous engineering, refinement and technological evolution. We proudly design and produce exclusive fitness clothing and training accessories. Our product development experts have over thirty years of experience in designing and manufacturing sports equipment and training gear and our mission is to make every athlete better through design, quality, and innovation.”

So how do they stack up? Well with over 600 reviews on Amazon they have an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, an impressive score. A lot of the positive reviews mention how they like the fit, and the workout glove working really well. User Alexandre Couto said this in a good 4 star review:

“Evo 2 is a great glove, I’ve been using it for a month, in 3 or 4 days per week basis for crossfit and weight lifting. The glove feels great in hand, they are very snug and fit very well. The wrist wrap is amazing, excellent quality Velcro, your gloves will keep exactly same position the whole training (In my old ones I should keep fixing them series after series), and they are at the same time very easy to remove, as soon as they came with two pull off straps. The grip is fantastic, I actually could do 5 more Chest 2 Bars at the first day I try them. The didn’t work well with fatbars though, they are too cushioned (it’s an upside and a downside at the same time), and in this case I lost grip instead of gaining. The biggest downside in my opinion is the smell they keep after training, to improve this gloves they should use some anti-bacterial fabric or let the glove breath more, I see myself trying to clean it very often and I left them a couple minutes in the sun to dry and keep the bad smell away.
– Excellent Grip
– Durable materials
– Good quality Velcro
– Excellent Wrist Wraps
– They keep smell
– Too cushioned for fatbars”

If you are looking to spend a little extra cash for a more quality pair of women’s or men’s workout gloves, these may be the pair for you.


7. Mava Sports Cross Training Glove ~$35


Next on the list is a pair of women’s and men’s workout gloves by Mava. Like a previous item in our list, this glove only really covers the palm, and leaves the back of your palm practically open. They are made with extra leather padding, neoprene, and silicone, this workout glove is made to protect  your palm as much as possible. Built in wrist straps are designed to help keep your wrists as supported as possible. The silicone layer is also made to help provide superior grip. The straps are made with velcro for easy adjustments even between lifts. Anti sweat neoprene material will also help keep your palms and wrists dry.

Mava has this to say about their workout gloves:

Who can benefit from using the Mava Workout Gloves? Both beginners as well as more seasoned athletes and trainers. Both men and women, irrespective of their level of fitness training. Anyone who wants to protect their hands and better focus on their workouts.

What do they feel like? Comfortable thanks to their anatomically fit design. Breathable thanks to their open build that prevents overheating. Durable thanks to their double-stitched and reinforced seams.

What can they be used for? A large variety of workouts, training sessions and gym excercises. Bar routines like pull ups, chest to bar, muscle ups, toes to bar (t2b), knees to elbow (k2e), muscle ups or kettlebell swings, power lifting, power cleans, deadlifts, snatches, gymnastics and high-rep WODs.”

So with over 600 reviews on Amazon they have an average rating 4 of out of 5 stars. Many of the reviews say they like the grip. One review by an Amazon buyer named QuirkieD had this to say in a fair 3 star review:

“I had to return my initial order of the cross-training gloves that did not have the center hand strap. I ordered a medium based on the chart provided. My hand measures exactly 8″ in circumference with hand splayed, right in the middle of the Medium sizing. However, and this is a biggie, it needs to include wrist measurement too. While it covered my hands well, the velcro on the wrist straps have to hit in the exact perfect spots to secure your wrists. If your wrists are too big, they won’t hit right and may have the velcro rubbing on your skin.
My initial thought was to go with a large since that is what I would usually get, and was wondering about the wrist strap measurements. So, if you’re wondering too, go with your gut and order close to your usual glove size.
Now that I’ve got these in the large, they are working great. The wrist straps really help with support on parallel bars and while the palm part is a bit big, I prefer that to too small. I even like the hand back strap better than on the other set which did not have. My calluses that I initially got are definitely minimized and hopefully will go away.
I took off one star because the only thing I don’t like is that there is nothing around my thumb area and working on bar exercises, it would be nice to have something protect that bit above the thumb. But I still highly recommend!”

If you are looking for a good quality glove, definitely check this one out.


8. Bionic Gloves Men’s Fitness Glove ~$20


Now we have a pair of full finger gloves by Bionic Gloves. They claim to have a patented technology involving strategically placed pads on the glove to help displace the pressure. They are also made with a pre-rotated finger design in the fingers to help adapt to your hands natural curving motion, giving a superior grip. The thumb is also made with a patented technology to help wick away sweat from your brow if you need it. They also have a patented cooling technology in between the fingers and in the flex zones to help keep your hand cool. They are also made with a durable leather.

Bionic has this to say about their gloves: “Optimize your workout sessions with Bionic Cross Training Fitness Gloves. These full finger workout gloves offer a more secure grip to alleviate hand fatigue throughout your fitness regimen. Strategically placed anatomical pads help prevent blisters and calluses, making them ideal as gloves for weight lifting. Made to last, our gym gloves are machine washable so you can keep them fresh for your next trip to the gym.”

So with over 100 reviews on Amazon they have an average score of 4.1 out of 5 stars, a solid score. Many reviewers like them when working out. I thought this 3 star review had a good take on them:

“Gyms are some of the most unsanitary places that we can ever go. To help safe guard myself from environmental contaminants I used these great full finger weight exercise gloves. They are very handy while using barbells, free weights, kettle bells, slam balls, T Rex straps, Machines etc.
I have owned 3 previous pairs/models of Bionic gloves in the past. Each would last me about a year of regular usage (3/5 days a week) in the gym. They are very well made. They have excellent padding in just the right places. And the wrist closure adds a good amount of support there as well. This particular design is slightly different than previous versions in that the fingers a bit more snug (but tend to stretch a bit more with use.)
Cons: The palm material is much to supple for prolonged durability purposes. Also, the towel – like fabric on the right thumb is already starting to show signs of wear. And that’s a disappointment for sure. But other than that I would not work out without these great gloves.
Final comment: Disregard comment about the palms construction seeming to be a bit thin compared to previous model. I found that this design has weathered much more durably than previous models. Only concern is the single stitch at the left index finger tip/on top of the glove that that failed after prolong usage and washings. I was able to sew the stitch break on the left index finger (Have your sewing kit handy) and the towel/thumb has held up.”

If you are looking for a quality full fingered men’s workout glove, these are a good pick.


9. Aoliga Workout Gloves ~$15


Now up on the list is a pair of men’s workout gloves by Aoliga. Here are some of the features of the gloves. They have a double buffer design with 0.3 cm silicone thickness and some internal soft sponge cushions. Within the palm of the hand area is 77% hot stamping silicone, strengthening the palm grip. Made of high quality breathable material, and a 2018 update design has fixed a problem in the past with the sutures by the thumb ripping.

Here are some things Aoliga has to say about the gloves:

“Improve your grip strength and bar stability with cushioned, breathable Aoliga workout gloves made for heavy lifting and tough workouts. If you’re a weight lifter, CrossFit enthusiast, or powerlifter, you know that keeping a good grip on the bar and keeping your hands healthy are essential to a sustainable workout routine. That’s why we created the Aoliga Fitness and Workout Gloves crafted to give you a better grip, more breathability, and the cushioned comfort you need to keep your rep count high without limiting movement.

Along with standard weightlifting or powerlifting exercises, these form-fitting gloves are perfect for all your favorite fitness routines, including CrossFit, pullups, rowing, cycling, and so much more. Offering a more breathable mesh fabric to reduce sweat, odors and friction, and an adjustable Velcro wristband to keep them in place, it’s time to take your fitness to a whole new level with Aoliga Fitness and Workout Gloves.”

So with over 100 reviews on Amazon they have an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, a good score. Many reviews say they like the grip and comfort of the wrist straps. One reviewer had this to say in a 5 star review: “I’m an avid lifter. I wear out about 4 gloves a year, and so far after 2 months these are still going strong. I lift 4 days a week, lots of reps/heavy weight and these are comfortable. The wrist supports are great and they work. I had 410lbs in the air and my arm adjusted and I felt it in my wrist just a little was able to recover quickly. The padding keeps my callouses low. No complaints here. I’ll admit, I’ve always gotten cheap gloves, either at Marshall’s or Target. These so far, are the best that I’ve had.”

If you want a pair of workout gloves with a little extra padding on the palm then this may be the pair for you.


10. Fit Jab Sports Lifting Gloves ~$15

Now we got a pair of men’s workout gloves by Fit Jab. Here are some features of this product.  Fit Jab gym workout gloves made of high quality Palm Amara leather with comfortable knitted 4 way 100% cotton and Velcro closure, lightweight material perfect for men. Integrated wrist wraps to stabilize wrist joints for support when lifting weights, definitely giving you extra maximum support and results. Anti-Slip corrugated technology for a better grip, these fingerless workout gloves are produced from fabric that is breathable, so less perspiration accumulates, doubling security on gripping surface for better grip and prevent the slippage and injuries. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty in case the gloves tear.

Here is what Fit Jab has to say about their workout gloves:

“Who Needs and what Benefits you will get using these weight lifting gloves

Weightlifters, CrossFit Enthusiasts,profesional lifters regular gym and anyone working with free weights, high-end palm protection and wrist wrap support

People suffering from calluses from working with heavy weights as well as
anyone looking to increase their grip when lifting

HAND AND WRIST PROTECTION. Weightlifting gloves provide an additional
layer between your palms and your weights which helps avoid calluses while
the wraps prevent potentially dangerous wrist movement.

IMPROVED GRIP AND STABILITY. The sturdy leather padding on the palm area
provides High levels of grip and comfort. The gloves also feature an integrated
wrist wrap, restricting unnecessary wrist movement.”

So with nearly 60 reviews right now on Amazon, these men’s workout gloves have an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, a really good score. Many of the reviewers praise the wrist support the wrist strap provides. Here is what one reviewer had to say in a 5 star review: “So I bought these to use for floor hockey because of the wrist support they provide. They are fantastic. They’re super comfortable to wear, have nice padding on the palms, provide great wrist support, and have held up perfectly with no wear and tear over the last couple of months I’ve been using them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to provide some extra wrist support. 10/10”

There were a few complaints against it however. Here is what one 2 star review said: “The wrist strap is very good, but the glove material seems very thin. That’s especially true with the elastic material at the webs between fingers. I found that material and the stitched seams at the base of each finger cutting into the webs of my fingers as I tightened the wrist strap. Just having the gloves on for a few moments was painful. Lifting weights with them seemed likely to draw blood. Maybe it’s just a bad fit for my hand (circumference seems plenty roomy, though palm length seems short), but I won’t be able to wear them”

Overall, there definitely were more positive reviews than negative ones, but I would make sure that these are definitely the style of the workout gloves you want before buying them.


11. Lebboulder Workout Glove ~$15


Now up on the list is a pair of men’s workout gloves by Lebboulder. This one looks familiar to ones previous on the list which have a open back hand for ventilation. Here are some of the features. Slim, breathable, fingerless, and lightweight construction keeps your hands feeling great after hours of intense crossfit workout. Specially designed wrist straps are long and sturdy and will keep your wrists safe during your next trip to the gym. Avoid calluses and other skin related aggravations with soft and heavily padded palms. Dependable grip is the best on the market giving you a secure hold on heavy weights and bars so you can lift confidently without fear of slipping.

Here is what Lebboulder has to say about themselves and their gloves: “Lebboulder’s crossfit workout gloves are designed to help you lift more, while preventing annoying (and painful), hand conditions such as abrasions, calluses, and blisters. Our patented grip technology holds strong when lifting heavy weights, enabling you to up your payload, without worrying about slipping. Ventilated design and protective genuine leather exterior provides maximum support allowing you to achieve your muscle building goals, while the unique wrist strap is adjustable to ensure a tight and secure fit, every time. Lebboulder was built by workout enthusiasts like you, whose goal is to make your next trip to the gym more comfortable, and more efficient, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Lifting weights.”

So with over 200 reviews on Amazon they have an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, a really good score for that many reviews. One buyer said this in a 5 star review: “Purchased these gloves because I was tired of my hands getting chewed up in the gym. Followed the sizing chart and I fell right in the middle of a small and medium, purchased the Medium and they seem to fit fine. Gloves work great to protect my hands. I love the fact that they are open in the back since I hate wearing traditional gloves. These keep my hands protected and my palms don’t get too sweaty. The grip is great, I am able to get more reps in on all of my exercises, especially the pull up bar, my lat pull downs and on my deadlifts since my hands never slip. Added bonus is the additional wrist support, which is very substantial. Gloves are very well designed, sturdy, and they look great. Have gotten a lot of comments and people asking me where I purchased them. Overall I am very satisfied with these gloves and would recommend highly.”

This would be another good choice for a men’s lifting glove if you like the open back hand look.


12. Cobra Grips Pro Glove ~$30


Lastly on our men’s lifting glove list we have Cobra Grips. These gloves feature one size fit all wrist straps with built in wrist support for extra comfort. They also claim they have ample padding to protect he palms and provide a great grip. The Pro model fits wrists from 5.5″ to 8.5″, so just about everybody should be covered by this range.

Here is what Cobra Grips has to say about themselves: “Here at Cobra Grips, we’re not just a product. We’re real people who want to see you increase your performance at the gym without causing pain or damage to your body. Why do we care so much? Let’s just say that we’ve been in your gym shoes. We’ve had callused palms, blistered fingers and sore wrists after working out. We’ve felt the frustration of being in a great routine and being forced to stop because we injured ourselves. So in 2009 we finally said, “Enough is enough!” That year, we set out on a journey to fix all of these problems for weightlifters worldwide.

Why choose Cobra Grips? Cobra Grips are manufactured with high-caliber materials that deliver tangible benefits in the gym. Their wrist cuff elasticity for grip comfort and ease of movement, and their durability for long-lasting use and function are traits you won’t find in any other lifting grips.”

So with over 1200 reviews on Amazon they have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars! An incredible score for that many reviews. Many people say they are the best grips they ever had.Here is what one buyer said in a 5 star review: “I love these lifting straps/grips more than I thought I would. I’ve used standard lifting straps for a while now and never thought to change it up until they ripped and I started looking for a replacement pair. I gave the Versa Gripps a good look after trying out my friend’s pair but I saw these Cobra Grips and the price was right and the reviews looked good. If they were anything close to Versa Gripps I would be happy. So far I’ve had a couple training sessions in them and they are just as good if not better. They are surprisingly heavy duty and the grip is unbelievable compared to standard straps. I feel like my arms are glued to the bar with these on. The velcro wrist closure is also very comfortably padded and the range of adjustability seems as though it would fit the majority of wrists out there. I kept them on throughout sets without them bothering me very much (I’m the type that constantly takes off/on wrist wraps). I’ve also been dealing with some tennis elbow issues and pull days would often cause flare ups (if only I wasn’t to stubborn to properly rest). With these grips I wasn’t nagged by the elbow one bit since they were able to completely take my grip out of certain movements. I was able to add a couple reps to my rows and weighted pull ups without even trying. And the ease of use alone makes this product worth it. Straps take a little bit to setup perfectly, especially if you are using them on max weight days, but these grips have just enough material to wrap around the bar and also give a wide platform to hold onto making it a breeze to set up every time. Simply put, they are easier to use, more secure on your wrists and offer a superior grip to standard straps. I’m already looking into another pair for my lady since her weak grip can really limit some of her lifts. Don’t hesitate to get these!”

If you got the money, I would say get a pair of these.



After going over 12 different pairs of men’s weightlifting gloves I hope you found one that fits you. You can’t really go wrong with many of these so I would say to get one that you like the style of.

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