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Make Your Own Homemade Pre Workout

December, 2016 • By

What’s all the fuss about homemade pre workout supplements?

Are you looking to maximize your gym workout? Do you feel drained and sluggish even before hitting that first round of weights? Pre workouts are a great starting point. When some people feel like they need that extra boost of energy right before they work out, they sometimes take a swig of coffee to increase alertness and focus levels due to the natural caffeine content. But if you have, over time, built a high tolerance to caffeine, this just isn’t enough to sustain any energy boosting effect.

Pre workout supplements are dietary supplements enriched with caffeine, vitamins, minerals and various amino acids all designed to work together in synergy to provide you with a substantial increase in energy.

However, there’s a downside… With all the pre workout supplements currently in the market with ingredient names that sound like they were borrowed from a book of spells, it can feel like your drowning. All you asked for was for lasting energy during our workouts and instead, you get an advanced lesson in Organic Chemistry and extreme marketing language! Here’s the solution, Make Your Own Homemade Pre workout!

Why make your own Homemade Pre Workout?

Unleash your inner mad scientist. There’s something very satisfying about blending your own personalized elixir. You have the opportunity to experiment and come up with the perfect formula for you. And you can name it whatever you want!

The biggest downside to store-bought supplements is their cost. A typical supplement would cost you around $30 for one bottle, which would last you about a month if you took only a scoop a day. (We, however, know that sometimes, just one scoop is not enough!) You will probably end up spending much more than that amount. However, making your own homemade pre workout has the advantage of being cost effective. You can end up spending only a tenth of what you’d buy them for.

Have the control of mixing your own proportions. The excessive listing on the supplement label may be impressive but most times, you may never really know how much of each ingredient it contains. For example, you may find a supplement saying it is packed with Creatine, and it only has 1g while the effective dose is 5g.

With a homemade pre workout, you can choose what exact mix of ingredients you want to achieve results. What you will be looking for are energy, endurance, and muscle preservation

There are many compounds that may increase your workout performance but here are 4 effective, evidenced ingredients you can use to achieve the perfect blend of a homemade pre workout.

1. Caffeine

Purpose: To provide energy

Optimal dose: 200-500mg (1.8-2.7mg per kg of body weight)

Benefits: Caffeine is known to boost performance in both endurance exercise (e.g. Long distance marathons) and also short bouts of high-intensity exercise (e.g. sprints).  Caffeine enables you to lift heavier workloads, decreasing the rate of fatigue and perception of effort. Greater workload results in greater gains.

If you have developed a tolerance to caffeine because of habitual use, you may need to increase the dosage, but this varies from person to person. Since you are making your pre workout is homemade, you can experiment with different amounts to figure out what is best for you. Also, caffeine takes a while to wear off, so if you workout just before bedtime, it may keep you up at night.

Form: You can buy caffeine in tablet form, but a just cup of black coffee will do if caffeine is all you need. Pick up a bag of a 300 count of 200 mg gelatin pills for under $15 on Amazon by clicking the link below:

Bulksupplements Pure Caffeine Capsules ~$15

2. Creatine

Purpose: Optimal burst of strength

Optimal dose: 5g per day when starting out, up to 20g per day

Benefits: Creatine helps most with lower rep workouts. It saturates the muscles with substrate yo yield energy, fast for heavy lifts. The huge dosing range is because you can choose to reach maximum creatine saturation in 6 weeks, taking 5g or do it sooner, in 5 days, taking 20g.

Form: Creatine Monohydrate is the most studied form, and you can get it in powder form. Click the link below to get some for your own homemade pre workout!

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder ~$15

3. Beta Alanine

Purpose: Increased muscular endurance

Optimal dose: 1.5-5g

Benefits: This buffers hydrogen ions enabling you to keep your intensity up for longer. A larger dose of Beta Alanine can cause a tingling sensation known as “paresthesia”. It is very normal, but if you are not a fan of it, consider reducing your portions and distributing the dose throughout the day.

Form: Bulk powder mixes easily, is cheap and tasteless. Get a 500 mg bag for yourself on Amazon from the link below!

BulkSupplements Pure Beta Alanine Powder ~$18


4. BCAAs

Purpose: Creates an anabolic experience

Optimal dose: 5g in pre-workout, up to 20g a day

Benefits: This regulates protein metabolism, increases protein synthesis and suppresses protein breakdown. It consists of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which should be in the ratio 2:1:1. Taking BCAAs protect you against catabolic environments immediately and decrease the onset of muscle soreness, enabling you to get back to your workout schedule the following day.

Form: In powder form, you can choose it tasteless or a carb-free. Check out Optimum Nutrition’s BCAA powder below!

Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA 5000mg Powder ~$20



5. Optional Ingredients

Some optional ingredients include Citrulline and L-Arginine AAKG. Citrulline does not have as much supporting research and is also not cheap, so it’s not preferred by many. It has been shown to relieve soreness of muscles and improve performance as taken as a pre workout supplement. L-Arginine is an amino acid rich in Nitric Oxide. It dilates your muscles, allowing for more blood, oxygen, and nutrient transport. It increases energy production and muscle performance. Gatorade powder could also be an additional ingredient for non-powdery water homemade pre workout. It will add some carbs in the blend if you get the non-diet formula.

Now that you have your mix of powders, you may be wondering how to consume them. They may just look like a lump of powder. You can dilute them in fruit juices such as lemonade or blend them into a smoothie. Some of these ingredients can be very sour in powder form so adding some natural sweetener will make your drink more enjoyable. You don’t want to have to drink some yucky concoction every day.


Well there you have it! With these ingredients you should be able to create an effective homemade pre workout for yourself and save some money in the long run!

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