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12 Ways to Improve Grip Strength

September, 2016 • By

Put yourself in this situation: “You’re deadlifting for a new PR and you are picking the weight up. Things are going great and you know you can pull the weight! All of a sudden you feel it, your fingers start to give way and loosen. You fight it as hard as you can, you squeeze your hands with all your might but you know it’s inevitable. Your hand gives way and you drop the bar and your dreams.”  If this sounds like something that has happened to you (it has to me), then maybe you need to work on your grip strength. I’ve compiled a few different products here to help improve grip strength.

Hand Grippers

Modern Hand Gripper: Kootek

Probably the most popular product to improve grip strength is a hand gripper. Simple stuff, you squeeze the handle which is held back by a spring. On this one by Kootek you can adjust a dial from 22 lbs of resistance, all the way to 88 lbs.

Old School: XFitness

Growing up you probably saw one of these things your Grandpa’s house. These old school grips work well and are built to last. XFitness sells them in increments from 50 lbs all the way up to 300 lbs where you should be able to squeeze water out of rocks.

Finger Strengthener: 321 Strong

Now if you want to train individual fingers more effectively you’ll have to pick up one of these bad boys made b 321 Strong. These buttons can range in resistance from 3.5 lbs to 6 lbs. As a side note it’s relatively small so you can take it with you wherever you go and can train your grip. On the bus, at the office, in a waiting room, church, wherever you want.

Grip Rings: HomeGym 4U

A new type of grip strengthener that is popular is a grip ring. Basically there are just rings of silicone that have varying rigidness. Some people may like them better because they think it feels nicer in their hand, and you won’t have to worry about any squeaky noise like the hand grippers may have. HomeGym 4U has a 30-50 lb set and a 60-80 lb one for people with stronger grip.

Thick Bar Grips: Shark Grips

A popular way of strengthening grip by altering your workout is to make the bars you hold thicker. By making the bar thicker you make it harder to hold and works your forearms and hands more, simple but effective. The most popular brand out there is Fat Gripz, which you may have seen on a commercial. You can buy Shark Grips though for half the price and has just as good reviews. 

Wrist Roller: Gold’s Gym

Another way to make your wrists and forearms stronger is to use a wrist roller. All you do is hold it out in front of you and twist so the rope rolls up. Sounds easy but trust me, it burns like crazy after a few reps. Gold’s Gym makes one that has good reviews on Amazon and is reasonably cheap. There are cheaper ones but customers have complained about receiving parts that don’t fit and crap quality. 

Barbell Hold: CAP Barbell

A simple way to train grip at a gym (or at home if you have a barbell) is to load up the barbell and just hold onto it as long as possible. Put thick bar grips on it to make it even tougher. Sounds too simple but holding onto the bar is your problem, this is the most practical way to fix it.

Farmer Walks: CAP Barbell Hex Bar

Another effective exercise is doing farmer walks. To do a farmer walk all you have to do is pick up a heavy weight in each hand, can be dumbbells, weights, doesn’t matter, and walk with them until your grip goes out or you hit your distance/time goal. Once you get to really heavy weight it will be easier to use a hex bar and load it with weights.

Towel Hang/Pullup

Here’s another simple grip builder, towel hangs. Take a towel (use a clean one please) and throw it over a sturdy bar, a pull up bar at a gym is perfect. Now either hang there gripping the towel or do pull ups as well. You can make it harder by adding weight to yourself, using a thicker towel, or hanging with only one hand.

Not Really Helping Your Grip Strength as Much (But Will Help You Hold the Bar)

Wrist Strap: Rip Toned Wrist Straps

While these may not exactly improve grip strength, these will help you pick up more weight. At some point if your are into heavy deadlifts, you may have to consider using straps, it can be too much to simply hold onto a 500 lb bar with just your hands, especially if your gym doesn’t allow chalk.

Chalk: SPRI Chalk Block

If sweaty hands is your problem, and not your grip strength, then maybe you should consider buying a chalk block/ball/bag. Chalk absorbs sweat, leaving your hands nice and dry. This gives you the best grip possible without the use of any straps. Be sure to check with your gym to see if chalk is allowed. Some people make a mess and gyms ban chalk so they don’t have to clean up after them.

Rock Climbing: Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear

A fun hobby that will increase your grip strength is rock climbing. The varying hold sizes and different techniques you will need to use is one of the best ways, hands down, to improve grip strength. If you don’t have a climbing gym near you, or a membership is just too expensive, you can buy holds online and build a wall yourself. Just be sure you put them in right!


If you are having grip problems then hopefully one of these products I went over can help you beef up your hand strength. No one likes to not miss out on a lift because of their grip, and now you won’t have to. If you liked this post be sure to like my page on Facebook or follow on Twitter, so you don’t miss a post! Or if you hated this post be sure not to do either of those!