Exercise Equipment For Seniors

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Are you a senior and are looking to get into the world of fitness? Well seniors face many hurdles trying to get into shape. Many are more prone to injuries than younger people and others suffer from some form of joint pain. The exercise equipment for seniors in this article are tailored for the older population, but can also be used by anyone who suffers from joint pain and wants to do some low impact exercises.

How To Get Safe And Efficient Exercise Equipment For Seniors

Exercise is beneficial for everyone regardless of whether you are young or old, but some people assume that they are too old and that is far from the truth. As a senior, you can remain productive and functional by exercising. When purchasing exercise equipment for the elderly to use, it is essential to consider each particular senior citizen’s individual fitness level because there are injuries that come along with working out as a senior citizen. There are specific kinds of equipment which are better at aiding in the prevention of such injuries.

Strength Training Equipment for Upper Back: Row Machine by Sunny Health and Lat Machine by XMark

Hunched-over and rounded alignment of the back are commonly linked to aging and it is usually as a result of a weakening of the muscles of the upper back. Excellent equipment for the strengthening of the muscles in question includes the seated row and the lateral pull-down machine.

The lateral pull-down is typically done in a seated position and just as the name suggests it includes the pulling down of a bar while in a seated position. One can keep shoulder injuries at bay by lowering down the bar in front of the body.

The seated row is done by pulling the resistance towards your body. While performing this movement the shoulder blades will be squeezed together as the elbows bend. The number of sets and the repetitions performed may differ based on different health conditions as well as fitness levels. They must be discussed with a trainer or a physician who well-versed with senior exercise.

Recumbent Bicycles: Sunny Health and Fitness Recumbent Bike

It is strongly advised that at least five days every week older adults should perform at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity that is of a moderate intensity according to the American College of Sports guidelines. However, there are specific back problems and knee problems that can make it uncomfortable for one to perform aerobic exercises that require one to be upright. There are two options of exercise bikes of which one of them is the conventional model, of which one sits on the typical bike seat and the recumbent kind has a seat that is chair-like. The recumbent bike is a reasonable alternative seeing as it offers sufficient back support, the seat gives you comfort during the workout plus it is a lot easier and safer to use. Getting on and off the recumbent bike can also be done quite easily not to mention it is low impact exercise equipment for seniors and for those who have joint problems like arthritis.

Balance Gym- Exercise Ball

Pieces of equipment that you have to balance on are made to test your core strength and stability. They are also relatively harmless and easy on the joints, a good fit for seniors who want to get their core strength back.

Ellipticals: Elliptical by Sunny Health and Fitness

This exercise equipment works wonders for seniors even though they are not necessary for everyone. In order to operate, they utilize foot pads that have been positioned elliptically thus ensuring that as little stress as possible is exerted on the hips, knees and the back. Ellipticals are one of the lowest impact exercise equipment for seniors. Another plus would be that they have armrests which provide even more stability. It has levels which give the user the ability to work the lower body and the upper body. An essential part of this equipment is body posture, seeing as the back, the head and the shoulders should be kept straight and the user also must desist from leaning towards the handrails.

Treadmills: Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmill

This another comfortable means of staying in shape given that walking is a good way to stay fit and lose weight for seniors. It can, however, be hard as you get older at times because one can be unable to deal with the fast-paced traffic or because of changing weathers. At times, walk-friendly routes and parks can be far from home. Treadmills are the best option for such reasons because even in harsh cold or hot weather which could alter your workout routine significantly the normal temperature of the treadmill in the gym can pump up your fitness routine on a serious note.


Because you can walk freely without the presence of any obstacles to hinder your movement and at a comfortable pace not to mention that you will be doing it on a comfortable surface. You will be exercising in an environment that is serene plus the treadmill has handrails which will provide you with support while you walk.

You could also try to walk without using the handrails when you feel like you are able to keep the balance. Just be sure to keep your eyes straight when you are walking on the treadmill so that you can prevent any serious harm or injury. For more on treadmills check out our article on compact treadmills here.


Weight Bearing Exercises: Powerline BSG10X Home Gym

Weight training machines allow you to pull and push and they are ideal for seniors.

Bearing weight can be quite daunting for seniors but they are an essential part of workout routines for everyone, whether young or old, but even though this is the case it becomes hard to lift dumbbells or barbells as people age.

It is better to get weight training exercise equipment for seniors as opposed to free weight because they are easier and safer to use by comparison. During weight bearing training you will not lose your balance and/or fall. This equipment isolates muscles that are prone to injury.

For seniors, controlled and low-impact movements are the benefits of using equipment that is tailored to your body’s needs. It’s also essential to maintain flexibility in your body as you get older as it regulates body functions such as blood pressure plus it relieves aches resulting from stiffness. Yoga straps are excellent stretching aids. For more on home gyms check out our article here.


Choosing a way to get in shape when you are a senior can be a difficult choice to make. Hopefully this article shed some light on some of the great options out there for exercise equipment for seniors. For other less strainful ways to exercise check out our articles on low impact cardio and swimming pool exercise equipment!

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