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12 Great Choices For Exercise Equipment For Kids

November, 2016 • By

With winter coming up one big concern for parents will be keeping their kids active while having to keep them indoors to protect them from the cold. One way to do this is to buy exercise equipment for kids. There is fitness equipment made specifically for children, and the majority of them can be set up indoors. That way kids can stay inside, play, keep fit, and not have the risk of getting frostbite. The following list will go over 12 different choices you can make for exercise equipment for kids. None of them are necessarily better than the others, it’s up to you what you think will be the best choice for your child’s fitness. 

Our Picks for Exercise Equipment For Kids:

1. Gymnastics Rings With Adjustable Straps ~$30

First up we have some Gymnastic Rings by 321 Strong. These can be used by people of all ages to build upper body and core strength. These polycarbonate rings are rated up to 2000 lbs, so don’t worry about them breaking. Premium straps and adjustable buckles are included and are a breeze to set up. With 15 feet of length in the straps you get a lot of room to work with for where you want to set it up. You also don’t have to worry about the straps slipping with two  quick adjusting cams.

With over 50 reviews on Amazon they have an average rating of 4.8/5, a fantastic score. Many customers praise the quality of the rings. One says he weighs 250 lbs and has no problem with them, so you know your kids won’t break these! People also seem to like how the rings feel, saying they feel better than the traditional wooden rings. One customer also says the rings are a diameter that works well for his three year old who also enjoys them.

These gymnastic rings make a great choice for exercise equipment for kids.

2. Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids – Happy Bike ~$75

Next up on the list is a kids exercise bike by Redmon. With this child’s exercise bike your little one can bike train alongside mommy or daddy and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It has a sturdy frame that is made out of powder coated steel. Digitally displays time, speed, distance, burn calories, and total distance. A tension adjustment allows you or your child to adjust the resistance to their liking. An adjustable seat helps kids of all size play on it. There is also an auto shut off in case someone leaves it on.

So with over 30 reviews right now on Amazon it has an average score of 4.2/5, a pretty solid rating to have. Many of the reviews mention how much their kid loves to play on the bike. Another customer who praised it says a special needs child who she teaches at preschool needs the bike and loves it. Many of the other children she said also use it and it helps keep them calm.

If you want exercise equipment for kids that mimics what mom and dad use then check out this kids exercise bike!

3. Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids – Multifunction Rower ~$80

Another kids imitation exercise equipment by Redmon is a multifunction rower. This imitation rower looks just like one you would see at the gym or at home and provides a safe, fun, and low impact workout for your child. Designed in bright colors this kids exercise machine will encourage a healthy lifestyle and they play on it. It uses a type of hydraulic system for resistance and is set up for children around 45 lbs or less. Set it up next to your own workout machine at home and share workout time with your child!

With 8 reviews on Amazon it has an average of 3.4/5 stars, an alright rating. For the positive reviews people are saying their children or grandchildren love playing on it and challenging their strength. Another reviewer has an autistic child that seeks pressure input on his arms and this works wonders for him. The main negative review came from a customer who bought it for their 6 and 9 year old kids and found it was too small for them. Another said the paint started to come off a bit after a few uses.

This is another great kids fitness equipment item that mimics equipment their parents might use!

4. Gorilla Gym Kids Deluxe with Indoor Swing, Plastic Rings, Trapeze Bar, Climbing Ladder, and Swinging Rope ~$160

Now if space is a problem then this Deluxe Set by Gorilla Gym may be the right fit for you. The Gorilla Gym bar can be placed on the openings of doorways and set up with a variety of different swinging type exercise equipment such as a rope ladder, climbing rope, rings, trapeze bar, and a swing. No drilling or nailing is required to set it up and it can be installed in seconds. It can hold up to 300 lbs so even you could play on it if you wanted to! It fits doorways measuring 25-36 inches across. Heavy gauge rope is used to minimize noise, so don’t worry about hearing any screeching noises! The Gorilla Gym has been tested and certified according to the ASTM International Standards for home playground equipment.

With over 200 reviews right now on Amazon it has an average rating of 4.3/5 stars, so people and their kids must really love it! Customers are saying their kids love it and when the weather is too hot or cold it is a lifesaver for keeping the kids active. Many are saying their kids like to use if every day, and some of the parents also use the pull up bar for themselves! One complaint is the padding to protect the door frame does wear down after a while.

If you are looking for swinging exercise equipment for kids this would be a perfect set to get them!

5. Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids – Weight Bench Set ~$86

Back another kids imitation exercise equipment, this time it is a Weight Bench set by Redmon. This bench set looks just like a bench you would find at the gym and even comes with foam colored weight plates for your kids to put on and test their strength! It also has a leg attachment to do leg exercises with like leg curls or leg extensions. The bench is adjustable for children of different sizes and is made for children around 2-5 years old or less than 50 lbs. It also meets CPSIA requirements And Standards for safety.

With over 100 reviews it has an average score of 4.2/5 on Amazon, pretty good. A couple of customers who bought the bench bought it for their 2 year old children. Both said that their kids loved using it and one said her child loved to use it while mommy did Crossfit workouts by her. They also say the bench is rather sturdy and well built, so you don’t have to worry about buying some cheap plastic toy that will break after a few uses. It was also easy to put together as one customer said it took less than 30 minutes.

If you are looking for exercise equipment for kids and think they would like to play on an imitation bench, this is perfect!

6. Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment For Kids – Dumbbell Set ~$18

So the last set of imitation exercise equipment toys is a Dumbbell Set by Redmon. Each set comes with two bars, four medium sized discs, four small discs, and two retainers to keep them from falling off. All together each bay will weight just under one pound, light enough to be safe but still heavy enough for your kids to pretend they are working out alongside mommy or daddy. Working out along with their parent helps promote a healthy lifestyle and helps them get into fitness from the start.

So with over 20 reviews on Amazon it has an average rating of 4.2/5 stars, a pretty good score. Many of the reviewers mention being a “fitness family” or having children that would like to mimic their parents as they workout. They said after buying these toy dumbbells their kids were able to copy them while they exercised and had a lot of have doing it. The only really bad review came from someone who didn’t receive the bars in the order, however all the other reviews didn’t mention this happening so it must of been a fluke.

Exercise equipment for kids doesn’t have to be some overly childish toy. It can be an imitation that looks like equipment grown-ups use, and these toy dumbbells are a perfect example of that!

7. American Educational Products Cubes with Actions Numbers Fitness Dice ~$14

Next on the list is a fun way to mix up a variety of exercises and turn them into a game of chance, Fitness Dice by American Educational Products. So one set of the dice has name of exercises like toe touches, arm circles, jumping jacks, push-ups, hop on one foot, and leg lifts written on them and the other has a number on it (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12), representing how many reps you need to do of that exercise. These are perfect for school, at the gym, or at home.

So with nearly 20 reviews this set of exercise dice has an average rating of 4.4/5 stars, a really great score. A variety of people like to use them in their groups, whether it be at a school, a karate dojo, at camp, physical therapy, or just at home, almost all people like to use these to keep exercise fun and random. One complaint that does come up is a few customers said they wear out pretty quickly, but those are only a few of them, so quality may differ or it could be a fluke.

These dice are great exercise equipment for kids to keep exercising fun!

8. FitDeck Exercise Playing Cards ~$8

These are similar to the previous product, but now are in playing card form and called Exercise Playing Cards by FitDeck. This set of cards has 50 unique playing cards depicting different exercises. The original ones are all body weight exercises so no other equipment is needed. If you want to mix it up you can buy specific ones like a deck tailored to pull ups or one for core workouts. A booklet is included which comes with a variety of games and rules you can use to make these fun and challenging! They can be used anywhere: the classroom, the gym, at home, or on the road.

With over 180 reviews it has an average rating of 4.3/5 stars on Amazon, a really good score to have and indicates people like it a lot. One reviewer likes to use them in his dojo to mix up his workouts. Another says he used them to refresh his memory on different exercises. The people who bought them for children all say the kids love it and with the clearly explained pictures on how to do the exercises they don’t have to worry about them doing it improperly.

These playing cards make a great way for kids to exercise without having to use any equipment.

9. Green Toys Jump Rope ~$9

Sometimes the best exercise equipment for kids is the simplest. One of the best reviewed kids fitness items out there is a Jump Rope by Green Toys. In case you haven’t jumped rope in some time, it is still one of the best ways to get a great cardio workout and to improve your footwork. This jump rope is made of 100% cotton and the handles are made out of recycled plastic. It is made in the USA, non-toxic, and has 7 feet of adjustable rope to work with.

Right now it has over 200 reviews on Amazon and has an average score of 4.4/5, a great rating. Many of the people who bought it for their kids say they love playing with it. Another praise is they say the rope is sturdy and will last through many uses. The cotton rope itself is also rather soft and won’t sting if it hits your child’s leg like a plastic jump rope might.

The classic jump rope is a great choice for exercise equipment for kids to use!

10. Step2 Skyward Summit ~$325

Next on the list is a whole jungle gym set, the Skyward Summit by Step2. This climbing gym is designed with four unique climbing surfaces with varying difficulties for children to play on and features a hole on the top for your child to peak out of. The authentic design makes it look like your kids are at a real climbing wall. There are two climbing cargo nets, one floor net, and nine different grips for your child to work with. There is a limit of four children or 320 lbs when playing on it.

With over 70 reviews on Amazon it has an average rating of 4.3/5 stars, so kids must be having fun playing on it. Many people who reviewed it mentioned how much their kids like to play on it. One of the favorites things kids seem to like is to climb to the top and replace the flag, spending countless hours doing just that. Even though it is meant for an outside jungle gym a few reviewers built it inside their house, saying since it is so bottom heavy they have no problems with it tipping over. The only real negative is it can be a bit hard to assemble and requires two people to do it.

If you want some good climbing exercise equipment for kids, then this is a great jungle gym to get them started!

11. Comet Jungle Gym by Romana ~$480

Another great indoor jungle gym is the Comet Jungle Gym by Romana. Buying a jungle gym is an excellent way to provide kids an outlet for fun and exercise. With this one being indoor based you kids can play on it al year long. This jungle gym includes a ladder, horizontal bar, rope ladder, trapeze, gymnastic rings, climbing rope, and rungs. Weight limit on it is 220 lbs at a time.

So right now on Amazon there are currently no reviews out on it but it would not be a stretch to say that as long as it is sturdy that kids would have a blast playing on it!

If you want an indoor jungle gym this would make a good choice for exercise equipment for kids!

12. The Little Gym Kids Air Cube ~$12

Last on our list for exercise equipment for kids is The Little Gym Kids Air Cube. To simply put it, it is just an inflatable cube you blow up. It has a lofty movement to it similar to a balloon that kids love to play with. It also comes with a game card that has different games you can play with it, or just let your kids use their imagination!

With 5 reviews right now on Amazon it has an average rating of 3.6/5 stars, an alright score. For the positive reviews people found it easy to inflate and to have fun with. One customer said they filled it with a hair dryer and had fun batting it around the house. Another reviewer says it’s great for rainy day activities. For the negative reviews they say it does deflate rather quickly, but since it also fills up quickly it’s not that much of a burden.

If you need something to keep your kids active on a rainy day this would be a great idea!


Well there you have it, 12 great idea for exercise equipment for kids. All of these can be used indoors to keep your kids active all times of the year. Of course what it may come down to is just how much you want to spend on kids exercise equipment.

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