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5 Great Choices For A Compact Treadmill

October, 2016 • By

Are you looking to purchase a treadmill for your house but you just don’t have the space? Then you may perfect for purchasing a compact treadmill. Well now you may be asking yourself “Just what the hell is a compact treadmill?”, well you may have heard them called by another name: portable treadmill, small treadmill, mini treadmill, or maybe you just actually have never heard of them. There are a few key qualities which make it a compact treadmill when compared to a regular treadmill:READ MORE

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6 Ways To Do Cardio Without Legs

September, 2016 • By

People with knee problems unite! If you are like me and have been cursed with crappy knee genetics, then you know the pain of having to do any type of high impact/exertion exercise. Whether it be running or squats, having to use your knees can literally be a major pain to do. You may also want to do cardio after lifting legs, but anyone who has tried leg based cardio after leg day knows how useless that is. Any of those reasons may drive you towards trying to do cardio without legs.

In this first article of what I’m sure of many more to come about knee issues, I’d like to go over some of the best ways to do cardio work without putting a toll on your legs. Some of these will require minimal use of your knees while others will not require them at all.  Choose what works for you and help get your heart back into shape!READ MORE

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11 Home Gym Accessories To Enhance Your Workout!

September, 2016 • By

So you’ve got the barbells, you’ve weights, now what? Well you may need some accessories for your home gym to make it complete. There are a lot of bells and whistles you can add to your own home gym, or bring with you to a public one. While none of these home gym accessories are really necessary, many of them will help you get a better workout and some of them make it a little easier. If you don’t already have the proper equipment for a home gym, check out our older articles on cheap home gym equipment or this one on home gym machinesREAD MORE