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Top 10 Best Running Shorts

October, 2016 • By

Have you ever gotten some chaffing from running? I know I have and it is horrible. Not only do you have to end your run early but the rest of the day you have to focus on not having your legs rub together. Well one way to ensure this from not happening is having some good running shorts. Not only can they prevent chaffing but they have other features that enhance your run and protect you from other common problems that occur from running. Here I compiled a list of the 10 best running shorts I could find. They are in no particular order as I believe any of them would be a good addition to your running wardrobe.READ MORE

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The 13 Best Running Hats You Can Find!

October, 2016 • By

Do you hate having your hair bounce around when you go running? Does it gets in your eyes no matter how many times you pull it back or what way you tie it up? Do you suffer from the sun during your runs? Sweating a lot during those hot and humid days and want something that can help keep you cool? Or maybe it’s just the opposite and you need something to keep your noggin warm during the winter. What a load of different problems for just wanting to run. Believe it or not the easiest solution to take care of all of these is to just wear a hat.

But what kind of hat? Do they make a special kind of hat for running?

Well there is actually a market out there for hats specifically for running. These hats are made to be snug on your head, remove sweat, and help keep your head as cool as possible. Nice, right? Want to know which ones are the best rated? Well here is a list in no particular order of the best running hats that I could find. Hopefully by the end you have found one that you like enough to keep your noggin cool, warm, dry, whatever it is that you need.READ MORE

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The 11 Best Running Socks That You Can Buy

October, 2016 • By

So you’ve got some fancy new shoes for running, who cares about what socks you put on, right? WRONG! Not having a good running sock can be literally a painful experience as poor quality socks can cause blisters and totally ruin your run. If you are going to run long distance then you absolutely need to get a pair of durable running socks. If you don’t then that 1 hour run could turn into a 30 minute half-hearted jog. In no particular order here is a list of the best running socks you can buy to help keep your feet protected and your run game strong.