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7 Solid Choices for a Caffeine Free Pre Workout

September, 2016 • By

Believe it or not there are people who do not like caffeine, even in their pre workout. Hard to believe, I know. Joking aside, some people simply do not like the feeling caffeine gives them, or they may have a medical reason to why they won’t take it. Either way, there are a line of pre workouts which cater to this market by providing supplements with no caffeine. Of course they are subject to having bad products out there just like regular pre workouts. This is a list of 7 caffeine free pre workout for our friends who don’t want caffeine in their pre workout but still don’t want to be ripped off with a something that doesn’t work. 

1. Controlled Labs Green Magnitude

Controlled Labs is a well respected supplement company in the bodybuilding community. One of their products is Green Magnitude, which is mainly a creatine based supplement you take before you exercise to improve your workout. The creatine used in it is their own patented form which according to customers has given them huge pumps and increased endurance during their workouts, exactly what you would want from a pre workout. See the ingredients for yourself below:

If you don’t like drinking the powder mix, or just don’t like the flavors of supplements, they also make a pill form called Green Bulge. Thankfully, it still gets just as good of reviews as Green Magnitude.

At over 50 reviews on Amazon it has an average rating of 4/5 stars so you know people are liking it. People really seem to like it for the rise in endurance and strength they get at the gym. One customer used it during a new workout routine and said his bench went from 225 lbs to 315 lbs, or from two to three plates in gym lingo. People also like it due to the different kind of creatine they have in it. Many people who would bloat from creatine monohydrate don’t get that from this form of creatine.

If you want to try a caffeine free pre workout with a different kind of creatine then this would be a good product to buy!

2. Muscle Feast Pumped Raw

So if the name didn’t grab your attention then hopefully the reviews will. Customers who picked this because of the lack of caffeine have been pleased with results they are getting. Pumped Raw is provides a good pump (you would hope it would with the name) and increased endurance for long workouts. It is also reasonable priced as you can get a 25 serving bottle for usually around $20. Check out the ingredients:

Its the 2150 mgs of beta alanine that will give you increased endurence and the TMG (nitrates) that will be giving you that amazing pump. As a nice side note, customers also say the taste is great.

With over 50 reviews on Amazon it has a 4/5 star average rating, so you know people are liking it. Of course one of the most talked about factors is the noticeable change in the pump level. many customers are noting “skin tearing” pumps and vascularity. People also like the price. For only around $20 you get 25 servings of high quality ingredients that will get you through your workout and give you that sweet pump.

If you wanna get a caffeine free pre workout that focuses on the pump, then get this one!

3. PEScience High Volume

Another great caffeine free pre workout is PEScience High VolumeHigh Volume is a stimulant free pre workout that has a huge amount of ingredients that give you a big pump. Take a look at the ingredients:

It has a whopping 7 grams of NO ingredients, which already by itself is a huge amount. Then they add 3.75 grams of their own proprietary blend of pump matrix on top of that, consisting of taurine and glycerol.

The only major downside for this is amount of servings per container. The supplement facts label calls for two scoops per serving (14 g) in an 18 serving container. However, most reviewers only used 1.5 scoops and said that was enough for them. If you go at that amount you can get a little more than 30 servings per bottle, depending on the accuracy of your “half” scoop.

So with over 100 reviews on Amazon it has an average rating of 4/5 stars, so you know at least that the majority of people who buy it are liking it. A lot of customers note the change in endurance level they are getting using High Volume. One customer even says he will never train legs again without it! One of the negatives people keep bringing up is the pricing. For about $28 you only get 18 servings, which is not a lot compared to other products.

If having a huge pump and looking swole is your main goal at the gym, then I would say pick yourself up a bottle and give it a try.

4. Giant Sports Giant Pump

Another caffeine free pre workout that provides a huge pump is Giant Sports Giant Pump. They promise a maximum and instant muscle pump using this product. To get this effect Giant Pump uses 1.5 grams of Nitrate and 1 gram of agmatine to get you a solid pump. It has no proprietary blends so you don’t have to worry about any weird ingredients or not knowing the amounts. Check out the label for yourself:

So with only 17 reviews right now on Amazon it has an average rating of 3.5/5 stars, which is okay. Customers have raved about the pumps they get off the pre workout and even the taste. As a fun side gift, it comes with a small measuring tape so you can measure the gains yourself if you want to! Obviously a pump doesn’t last forever but customers have reported having longer pumps after a work out, which I’m sure we’re all fans of! As for the negative reviews, there were some people who said it simply did not work for them at all and gave it a bad rating, totally understandable.

This would be another good caffeine free pre workout for a good pump.

5. GAT Peak Muscle Performance

GAT has a stimulant free pre workout called Peak Muscle Performance, or PMP for short, which they made to release in three waves inside your body. The first is a thermogenic one to help shred fat. The second is focus based, to help you “zone in” on your workout. Then the third is the pump wave, sending more blood to your muscles giving you those skin tightening effects. The label promises intense performance gains, muscle energy, mental focus, big vascular muscle pumps, and is creatine free! Here is the ingredient list:

So with over 100 reviews on Amazon it currently has an average rating of 3.9/5 stars, a pretty positive reception. A lot of customers are fans of the high quality ingredients and the science GAT puts behind their supplements, which is always good to see. Many customers notice the change in intensity and focus they get using PMP compared to when they don’t use anything. They also like the fact they aren’t getting jittery off any of the ingredients which can happen with pre workouts. Unfortunately the reviewers do say the taste is not the best, but the results they are getting greatly outweigh a minor inconvenience like the taste!

If a clinically backed caffeine free pre workout is your thing, then this would be a good choice!

6. Evlution Nutrition EVL ENGN

Evlution Nutrition already makes a popular, well reviewed pre workout called ENGN, this is that same product with the caffeine removed. It still contains the creatine and beta alanine, so you are still going to get a solid boost to your endurance. Check you the ingredients for yourself:

This version of ENGN only has one review, and while it is a 5/5 star review, it doesn’t really say a lot. The regular form of ENGN has over 500 reviews and has an average rating of 4.4/5. Since this is basically the same formula but with no caffeine you can go off of what people are saying endurance and pump wise for results. Fortunately the reviews are good on that end with customers saying they are able to workout harder and longer without much fatigue. While there are not many reviews that mention a bigger pump there are a few that do, saying they definitely feel a size difference working out.

So if you are a fan of ENGN, or have heard good things about it from your lifting buddies but hate caffeine, give this version a go.

7. DoVitamins PumpPills

If you are not a fan of guzzling down mixes of pre workout, then you may want to look at a pill version. DoVitamins makes PumpPills, which has a bunch of beta alinine for stamina and L-Citrulline for pumps. PumpPills are also certified Vegan, Paleo, and Non-GMO. They also don’t have any creatine in them. As a nice side note DoVitamins says they 3rd party test their supplements, so you know at least that they aren’t scamming you when they say it works. If you aren’t satisfied they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which is nice of them to do. Here are the amounts of the ingredients:

With over 60 reviews on Amazon PumpPills has an average rating of 3.9/5 stars, not a bad score. Customers have had great reviews of PumpPills stating of the lack of any of the “rush” or tingling feeling you can get from other pre workouts. Since there are no stimulants in it customers like to take it for evening workouts. This way with a stimulant free pre workout they don’t have to worry about not being able to sleep at night. DoVitamins also recommends stacking it with PurePump (which has caffeine), for an even more intense workout. However, you don’t have to as PumpPills will be enough on its own to give you more endurance and of course a nice pump.


Well hopefully you are not reading this and one of the seven caffeine free pre workout I listed above intrigued you enough to click on it and give it a shot. While I do believe caffeine is one of the most important ingredients in a pre workout, it is possible to not have it at all still have a great workout. Sometimes I would gladly sacrifice an energy boost in exchange for having a bigger pump or increased endurance. Caffeine free pre workout may become more popular if more people start to see how much caffeine they are consuming daily and want to lower it, but as of now I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Nonetheless, any of these seven non stimulant pre workouts are a solid choice for someone looking to make a change or doesn’t like the feeling caffeine gives them.

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