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Bullnox Pre Workout Review: Awesome Deal or a Rip Off?

September, 2016 • By

Hello and welcome once again to my search for the perfect pre-workout. This time I bought myself a tub of Bullnox pre workout (shortened to B-Nox on their new bottles) after seeing it’s relatively cheap price tag and positive reviews. It will be interesting to see how it works as gives it a D rating while Amazon reviews have it at 4.5 stars. Such a large gap between a “professional” review and customer reviews is not common. So I thought I would try it for myself and see which side I agree with for this Bullnox pre workout.


Well unfortunately Bullnox pre workout has some proprietary blends so they don’t really have to disclose the amount of all the ingredients they put in there. I found that it’s pretty agreed online that the caffeine amount feels like it falls around 200 mg, which puts it right about average with other pre-workouts. However, labdoor says it’s 118 mg, which would put it well below average.

Labdoor also stated it had 1438 mgs of beta-alanine, an ingredient that helps with muscle fatigue, helping you lift longer. This is a little below standard levels in pre-workout at about 1500 mgs, and well below pre-workouts that boast huge amounts of beta-alanine which can have around 3000 mgs. But even those fall short of the studies where athletes consumed 3200 or 3500 mgs of beta-alanine, increasing their performance.

The creatine amount labdoor found was about 1.5 grams, far less than the recommended 5 grams a day if you want to use it as a supplement. So be sure not to use Bullnox pre workout solely as your source of creatine.

They also put in ZMA and tribulus for testosterone boost. But from what I can see the ZMA amount is far less than what other pure ZMA supplements use and the proprietary blend covers up how much tribulus is in there.

Another thing you will notice right away is the huge serving size. Most pre-workouts will have a serving size of 10 grams or less. Bullnox pre workout has a serving size of 18.1 grams. The difference is immediate when you see the size of the serving scoop compared to other pre workouts. Check out the picture I took of the scoop from the Alpha Gx7 pre-workout inside of the Bullnox pre workout scoop. It may not seem huge from the picture, but when you are pouring a full scoop into 6 oz of water (the recommended amount on the directions) it seems like a huge amount.


Scoop from Alpha Gx7 inside Bullnox’s scoop


So the cheapest flavor on Amazon at the time was fruit punch so that’s the one I bought. To be honest I really enjoyed the taste. Usually when I take the first drink whenever I make a mix it makes me do a weird face. Whether its the amount of caffeine or some other ingredient that makes me do it, I’m not sure. But I never had that problem when I drank a Bullnox mix. They also brag on their bottle how they don’t add any sugar, which I find pretty amazing as it tastes pretty good for a fruit punch flavor.

Effectiveness/Side Effects

After taking a scoop for the first time I did not notice any immediate changes like a caffeine rush or a pump. I did feel slightly more awake, but not as much as other pre-workouts, most likely due to the lower caffeine amount.

I feel the beta-alanine is not up to par either. When I do a 5×5 set of squats, I feel exhausted by the end. This carries over to my other lifts as I feel too tired to perform another compound exercise. By the end of my workout about an hour or so in I am extremly drained and have to just about drag myself out of the gym. I don’t usually have this problem with pre-workouts that have a high beta-alanine content and I feel like I could keep lifting if I wanted.

Pump wise I really didn’t feel anything different, which is rather disappointing. You would think with such a huge scoop you have to put in there would be enough ingredients to give you a nice pump.

As for the testosterone boost, I guess I didn’t notice an enhanced “aggression” that they say you will get. Testosterone levels are a hard thing to test, so I can’t really say definitively it didn’t increase it at all.


Well for price it is one of the cheaper pre-workouts on Amazon. It usually sells for around $35 from the company’s Amazon account, but I have seen it for $26 when you buy it from another seller on Amazon.

So per bottle you get about 35 servings if you only use one scoop every time. However if you actually want to feel some effects from the caffeine or beta-alanine, you will probably have to use two scoops. This kinda ruins the low price as you will go through it in about double the time.


Let’s go through some of the things they claim:

  • Delivers that, ‘one of a kind’ explosive energy that pushes you to the insane pump you are looking for!: Nah, not really. not much energy added at all and it definitely wasn’t one of a kind.
  • B-NOX is the first pre-workout nitric oxide to offer a testosterone boosting blend promoted to enhance aggression and the pump during exercise: A big no from me on both of those. I didn’t feel “aggression” in the gym and there definitely wasn’t any noticeable pump added. 

When looking at all the different qualities in this pre-workout, I think it is very mediocre. If you are a smaller person or maybe sensitive to caffeine you may get some more value out of this product as  you may only need one scoop. However, if you have a higher tolerance to caffeine I really can’t recommended it. You will just burn through it so you can get a noticeable effect from the major ingredients.

If you do want to order Bullnox pre workout and give it a try click the image blow and buy it off Amazon. I’d recommend the fruit punch flavor but the watermelon flavor is $10 cheaper as of the day I’m writing this. Stomach the flavor and save a few bucks!

Betancourt Nutrition - B-NOX Androrush, Promotes A Better Pre-Workout By Supporting The Natural Testosterone Response To Exercise, Watermelon, 22.3 oz (35 Servings)

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