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BSN Syntha 6 Review

January, 2017 • By

Probably every fitness person alive is always on the hunt for a quality protein. One that is cheap, has quality ingredients, and tastes good. It always seems you can only get two of those three when buying a new protein powder. I know I’ve been through my fair share of protein powders that are cheap, have high protein content, but taste like total ass. In this review I will be looking at BSN Syntha-6, a protein powder from a reputable company (you may know them for their pre workout NO-Explode or their creatine Cellmass). Hopefully their protein will be a strong product along with their other supplements.

In summary….yes. Click here to buy some!


So the first thing you probably look at first when looking for a new protein is the grams of protein in each scoop. In this case you have 22 grams per scoop (47.2 gram scoop), which is a fairly on average with the other proteins out there. However you also may notice the large scoop size which is a bit above most other scoops sizes. So what’s all added in compared to other protein powders? Lets compare this scoop to one from Optimum Nutritions 100% Whey Gold Standard:

 Syntha 6Gold Standard
Protein (grams)2224
Fat (grams)61.5
Sugar (grams)22
Carbs (grams)153

So in this table you can see how Syntha 6 has a large amount of carbs and fats in each scoop compared to Gold Standard. With larger macro nutrients this may be a protein powder more suitable for people bulking, not to mention having 200 calories per serving, quite a bit for people that may be on a cut.


The flavor I bought was cookies and cream, and when mixed with milk wasn’t too bad. The extra fat in each scoop helps give this protein powder a smooth creamy flavor. Overall I’d say it tasted pretty good as far as protein powders go. I mean it’s not something I would like to drink casually but for getting my protein in each day I didn’t dread drinking it unlike other whey proteins out there.

On the mixibility side there were a few times where I had come clumping issues, but a few more good shakes usually fixed the problem. It should be noted that even though I use the blender bottle for mixing my shakes, I never use the wisk ball. Mainly because I keep losing them or breaking them. So if you are using a shaker bottle with something in it to help break up clumps your results may be different from mine.

Effectiveness/Side Effects

Well it can be kind of hard to measure the effectiveness of whey protein as it does give you immediate results that another supplement like a pre workout does, but you can tell in the long run of going through and entire bottle if you build strength or not. In the case of Syntha 6 protein I believe it helped me gain more strength by taking it everyday to help meet protein goals rather than not taking it at all. It also helped that I used while I was doing a bulk, a successful one at that if I may add. I’m sure the greater amount of fats and carbs in Syntha 6 also helped my bulk because if you have ever been on a bulk before you know how important it is to meet your macro nutrient goals.

It can be hard to find a protein powder that gives some serious side effects. As like I mentioned before in the previous paragraph a pre workout is much more suitable for describing immediate results, unlike a protein powder. However, I can say that after drinking a protein shake made with Syntha 6 I never had any stomach issues or some other strange symptoms.


Now if you are looking for a solid protein for a good price, you will be hard pressed to find better deals out there that are better than Syntha 6. When buying a 2.91 lb tub of Syntha 6 from Amazon it comes out at around $10.61 per pound. Compared to another well know protein such as Gold Standard, when you buy a 3.3 lb tub it ends up at $14.54 per pound. The only other way to get that kind of deal would be getting a store brand protein and some cheap one at Walmart, and I can guarantee you those won’t taste half as good as Syntha 6. So if you are looking for a decent protein powder that is also cheap, then Syntha 6 is probably one of the best choices for you.


Overall after using the whole bottle of Syntha 6 I believe it is one of my favorite protein powders. It covers the three main concerns when buying a supplement: it is cheap compared to other proteins, it tastes pretty good, and is has enough of all the ingredients you want, if not more so. Because it has more of these macro nutrients it would also be my recommendation that Syntha 6 be used more for if you are in a bulking phase. There are lots more protein powders out there that have less calories, fat, and carbs that may be priced similar. You can often get store brand ones like from Walgreens or some cheap Walmart one for about the same price per pound, however, I can almost guarantee they won’t taste as good as Syntha 6.

In the end I say this is a must buy for any lifter who is on a bulk. It has a good protein count, a good amount of carbs, more fats than other proteins, and has more calories than most. For everyone else it is a good choice as well due to the price and protein amount, but if you are watching your calories and are very strict, there are other options out there for you. If you feel like giving it a shot click the link below and buy yourself a tub! If you are looking for a quality protein powder that is cheap, has good ingredients, and taste nice I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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